Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Last night me & Rick were at Sam's house till about 11 - taking photo's of water droplets!!

I found a mad tutorial here & wanted to try it out, & it happily coincides with my 52 weeks project theme 'water'

Unfortunately my D60 wasn't compatible with the External flash Commander, & i offered my tripod as a prop, so i sat back & watched Sam & Rick fiddle away with settings.

In the end i got to take about 90 shots (on Rick's camera) and these two were the only ones i were semi- happy with. Gotta try again next time, with a bit more practice maybe i can get some super cool shots hehe..

I've been in a baking mood lately. Yesterday took out the box of BASCO gluten free bread mix & baked a loaf for my Babe. I was a bit nervous i hadn't baked baked before..

But it was surprisingly easy & it turned out nicer then the gluten free breads that you get from the bread isle & supermarkets (Rick has been eating the supermarket ones for almost two months now, and he LOVED this one that i baked).

They were really soft, and chewy (not hard and crumbly), & i tried some with peanut butter & nutella - YUM!!

Basco Gluten Free Bread

I'll probably bake a few more for him until his diet is over.. I hope its over soon i miss eating out at really nice restaurants.

It's my work mate's Wife's Birthday this Saturday, & since he is taking Friday off i baked these muffins today so i could bring them in tomorrow.

Raspberry Muffins with lemon icing

Dropping some off to Trang, Jeremy & Ann tonight!

(they'll make me f a t if i keep em all hehe).


Richard said...

babe i love how you compose your food photos. they look absolutely amazing :)

Tom said...

look at my shot of water! what do you think: