Monday, June 29, 2009

Two weeks ago, on a Friday night after work - had a traffic jam drive up to Petersham for a twitter meet up - my first ever one.

I helped @Fridley organise a list of mutual twitter contacts that would come here for a super feasting at Peramas. I would say more then three quarters were also from the foodblogger world, since most of my twitter contacts are food bloggers hehe..

It was a really fun & sociable night which included a whole heap of Greek dishes, lots of flashes, & unlimited wine & drinks!

I met another Betty (for the 2nd time, she was at Chocolate Suze's Birthday as well), not surprised that we got along very well :P

@Fridley made these cool badges for everyone that also included a tiny pic of our avatar in the corner.

What i really enjoy about these meet ups is that - you're surrounded by people with the same interests as you. Twittering, eating, blogging, photography. Especially the foodbloggers, they totally understand that when food gets served, photo's MUST be taken before consuming :)

Last weekend me & Rick had a day date with Ben & Wensy. Plan was to browse Paddington markets, play board games, dinner & karaoke.

On our way to Norita we saw this lil fella .. we love our camera's :)

Norita is kind of hidden away, i mean i've walked past this place so many times and NEVER noticed the sign! You gotta walk up the steps (about 3 flights of stairs) to get into the venue. It's a place of deserts, yummy drinks & boardgames. Now i LOVE boardgames, except when i lose.. haha :P

We started off with JENGA - a game of physical & mental skill, in which players remove blocks from a tower & put them on top.

The word jenga is derived from kjenga,  the Swahili verb "to build", jenga! is the imperitive form (stolen from wikipedia)

Next up was Scrabble, which is one of my fav games. Wikipedia link here.

i LOVED this place i totally wanna come back with a bigger group of friends! They charge you per person, each game costs ranges, and i think you're also timed as well.. Anyway 3 hours later we emerged with $7 less in our wallets, and starved! Over to Bonta Vita for dinner, where we were all very disappointed with the food.. check out my food blog i haven't posted up the review yet but it will come under 'Malaysian Italian'.

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