Thursday, July 9, 2009

Firstly, would like to wish my good friend Anita Hartojo a wonderful & safe trip to the U.S! I know she's always wanted to travel to that part of the world & i'm so sure she will have a blast (and maybe not even want to come back after 2weeks?) hehe.

Also another good friend is over there currently, Peter Hoang The Dentist & his MUCH MUCH needed holiday. This guy is a total work-a-holic but he LOVES his job. He is on a plane every2-3 days with no time to rest, "rest is for the weak!!" so he said to me yesterday in a brief conversation on msn messenger.

Recently 'The Chocolate Room' opened up its doors in Wetherill Park Stocklands Mall, and there were 10% off vouchers in the local newspaper so i went to have a look with Sambath & Julie (but, we forgot abour using the voucher when we got there hehe..)

This place is kind of very similar to 'Max Brennars'. Instead of a 'hug mug', this place has the 'cuddle cup'!!

One thing different, is their extensive range of hot chocolates! I went with the coconut flavoured, but they had over 20 to choose from (mint, orange, apple & cinnamon and much much more).

I want to come back and try other things on the menu, and maybe take away a box of their hand made chocolates!

Last Sunday Ann played 'model' & i played 'photographer' at Auburn Botanical Gardens. Now i havent been here since i was little, it used to be free but now the f#ckers charge $3 per person!! We paid the fee & trudged on in anyway, and had sooo much fun! More pictures here.

On the weekend of July 3rd to 5th, was the Good Food & Wine Expo held at Darling Harbours Convention Centre. This was me & Trish's first year going so we were both really excited about test tasting food & drinks and seeing really, what is out there in Australia - food wise! Becauase some of the exhibitors are quite new, and use this opportunity to get huge exposure to all their potential buyers!

First stall we rushed to - was Chocolate Suze's, for we were wanting to buy some of her famous biscotti :) I bought 3 packets for $22, and seriously they are so addictive that i just gobble them up like the cookie monster :o

I'm a huge fan of chai tea, and to date, the only place that serves the BEST chai tea, is Badde Manors in Glebe. So when i saw freeby testings of chai tea powder - i was on it!! I bought a jar for $5, totally wish i bought more though cos it retails online for $11 + P&H!!! The one i tried was made with boiling water, but i tried it out at home with soy milk, and its soooo delectable, i had it with the biscotti i bought - pure heaven in the comfort of my own home :)

Trish thanks so much for inviting me, i had a blast and boy was it a work out or what? I think i was carrying about 10KG worth of stuff including show bags, wine, biscuits, jars of chutney, more food, drinks, more food..!

I had some friends over on the weekend also (Ann, Jeremy, Anita & Rob) for dinner, and then watching the Michael Jackson 91' Thriller concert, and then 'he's just not that into you.

It was a fun night, i got to play arnd with Rob's Canon DSLR EOS 450D (i think i wanna switch to Canon!!).

I made fresh gluten free bread, and turned that into some yummy garlic bread (the whole house was filled with garlic smell afterwards it was wonderful hehe), spinach & ricotta canneloni & Ann made a delicious tomato based sauce to go with it. And i made tiramisu for desert!

There was so much food (and Jeremy ordered pizza just incase it wasnt enough but, seriously there was so much leftovers everyone got to take-away ^_~

I'm so so behind on my food blog, i have about 8 or 9 places waiting to be reviewed! I wish there was more time in the day, so i can get more things done. Cos between study, work, gym, & family, seriously - my weeks go by soooo quickly..

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anita said...

i just read this post. thanks, betty!! i\m so bored now.. it's hard to get into city without a car.